Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What We Ate on That -- 10/15 - 10/21

Here is our menu for the past week, on an (ostensibly) $80 budget. The weather has turned chilly here and we are way into the cozy fall flavors -- pumkin, sweet potato, beets and lots of beans. When I didn't list anything for breakfast, we probably had cereal.

lunch: McDonald's for the girls, leftovers for me
dinner: leftover lasagna, salad

lunch: canned soup, leftovers
dinner: stew with split peas, barley, sweet potatoes, homemade bread, salad
(a bit improvised with added bits of duck meat, and made a LOT, hence all the leftovers through the weekend)

lunch: carrot pancakes (if you got free or cheap carrots at Target this week, you should try these!), leftovers
dinner: leftovers -- the remaining carrot pancakes were PERFECT with the pea stew and from now on I am always making them together

breakfast: crepes with cheese/mushrooms and Nutella/bananas
snack: apples
lunch: leftovers
dinner: green peppers stuffed with antibiotic-free ground beef, sweet potato bread (mmm!)

breakfast/lunch: fundraiser -- Danish aebelskiver and medisterpolse
dinner: ordered pizza with friends
dessert: candy corn

breakfast: cereal
lunch: leftovers
snacks: bread and cheese, candy
dinner:borsch with yogurt, pumpernickel bread and cheese (I wouldn't recommend this recipe, it lacked a lot of ingredients I later found out other recipes list. Most annoyingly, I had most of those ingredients.)

breakfast: frankencereal (lots of kinds mixed together) and canned peacheslunch: leftovers
lunch: leftover borsch
snack: apples and peanut butter/yogurt
dinner: black bean, lentil and pumpkin soup (with bacon), pumpernickel

We didn't make this, but I am SOOOO going to. Maybe next week: