Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What We Ate on That -- 10/1 - 10/8

Since there is a lot of curiosity among the uninitiated on how on earth you can feed a small family on $80, I'm sharing what we ate for the past week on $80 or less. In keeping with my new schedule, I'm starting on Wednesday and ending on Tuesday.

Also, I can't remember what we ate for breakfast. In fact, Epu usually feeds the kids in the morning and I just eat whatever leftovers I can forage or cereal or whatever. So let me just sum it up: cereal, granola bars, toast, leftovers, and once we had pancakes.


lunch: out at a cafe with friends

dinner: ordered pizza (Cubs in the play-offs)


lunch: can't remember

dinner: salmon over barley with carrots


lunch: attempt at homemade tomato soup, leftovers

dinner: homemade macaroni and cheese, pumpkin bread


lunch: leftovers

dinner: leftover mac and cheese, pumpkin soup, fresh baked bread


lunch: leftover pumpkin soup

dinner: split pea and pumpkin stew with croutons


lunch: leftovers

dinner: same as Sunday, plus fresh baked whole wheat bread and pumpkin pie


lunch: McDonalds for us, leftovers for Epu

dinner: salmon fried barley with carrots, broccoli, celery and eggs, and pumpkin/coconut soup. leftover pumpkin pie for dessert.

Both pumpkin soups we made were extremely delicious. Also the split pea stew. A very low-meat week -- except for that trip to McD's, but at least that was pretty cheap -- about $3 for the girls and me.


*Hippie* said...

Ok, maybe I'm just lazy, but I can't get into the swing of making bread. I do it off and on but it is just so time consuming! Do you make bread daily? I think I am just lazy... I would really like to not only save the money (i wonder how much I'd save) but be giving my kids something homemade verse store bought. When I was making dough regularly about this time last year, I made rolls instead of a loaf because I can never get it to slice "normal" enough to use for sandwiches! I love warm rolls with dinner though!

Carrie said...

OH believe me, I have never made bread by hand in my life. I got a bread machine for $4 at Goodwill. Some weeks I'm a slacker but I try to make at least 2 loaves a week with it. We have not been making sandwiches with it but we will slice it thin enough for breakfast toast.

jess said...

The best thing I've found for slicing homemade bread for sandwiches is an electric knife-- I picked one up for less than $10 and since I bake all of our bread that sucker gets a lot of use, not to mention its value for carving meat. Definitely money well spent.

*Hippie* said...

I mentioned bread making to my hubby last night and he says he misses when I used to make bread all the time... I guess I need to get back on the wagon!