Thursday, October 2, 2008

What to Do With All That Coca-Cola

When I indulge in a soda, I want it to be a can of regular Coke. And I like to have some Diet Coke on hand for a certain regular guest (I call her Mom). So I was delighted to get all that Coke for 15 cents a can after ExtrBucks this week.

But what if you are healthier than I am and never indulge in a can of carbonated corn syrup? Or what if you believe the emails going around that Coke is bad for you because of the acids it contains. (It's bad for you all right, but not for that reason.)

You might still want to do CVS's Coke deal this week, because Coca-Cola has so many uses. Here's a post from my fellow Wise Bread writer Paul Michael listing 51 uses. The lawn tonic idea is especially fascinating to me.

Personally, my top off-lable use is for nausea. By the way, according to Snopes, for all the stain and rust-removing applications, plain soda water is even cheaper and would probably work better since there would be no color or sugary residue.

I wonder how long Coke can keep? Next time I don't finish a can, maybe I'll pour it into a jug or jar and just keep it on hand until I need to clean a pan or perk up my lawn.


Jess said...

You can find an expiration/sell-by date on the 12-pack box. Regular Coke has a much longer shelf life than diet, because aspartame tends to get skunky after a few months. We tend to go through a decent amount of diet Coke/Pepsi around here, so I took advantage of last week's Pepsi deal and this week's Coke deal to stock up for the rest of the year, which is about as long as the stuff will be good for. But if we can't get through it, maybe I'll dump it on the lawn!