Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Grocery Flyer -- Fair Share Foods

Here are the best deals I see at Certisaver's Fair Share Foods for the week of Wednesday, 10/1-Tuesday, 10/7:

bananas 39 cents a pound
tomatoes 39 cents a pound

center cut pork chops 1.99 a pound
assorted pork chops 1.59 a pound
boneless skinless chicken breast 1.39 a pound
spare or country style ribs 1.69 a pound
beef shanks 1.99 a pound
pork roast 1.99 a pound

large eggs .99 a pound
Dean's 0%, 1% or 2% milk (Bgh free) 1.99 a gallon (limit 1 w/ $10 purchase. whole $2.99)

GM cereal, 8.9-13 oz. 1.80
Reese's, Cheerios, Wheaties, Golden Grahams
80 cents if you still have any $1/1 Cheerios mqs

Eggo waffles 1.50
use $1/2 coupon or .55/1 from 9/21 RedPlum to make it $1

Eight O'Clock Coffee, 36 oz. 12.99
use $1/1 from

Country's Delight 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Philadelphia cream cheese, 8 oz. 1.69

Tropicana Pure Premium, 89 oz. 4.99
If this is the "Easy Pour Pitcher," you should be able to use the $1/1 from the 08/17 newspaper insert or the 7/27 RedPlum

strawberries 1.49/lb
broccoli or cauliflower .99/lb
Bartlett pears .79/lb
apples (red or golden delic., jonathan, mcintosh or gala)
1.99/3 lbs.
asparagus 2.99/lb.
sweet potatoes .49/lb.
greens .59/lb.
cabbage .33/lb.
eggplant .79/lb.

Pan's Foods, another Certisaver store, has some of the same items on sale. The prices are not always exactly the same.

Pan's has Philadelphi cream cheese @ $1.49 instead of $1.79
but Eggos are $1.79 instead of $1.50

Sometimes I go to Pan's looking for items advertised in the Fair Share flyer, because as far as I know Pan's still accepts Internet coupons and Fair Share does not.

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