Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonka Winner!

Thank you for your entries in the Tonka remote control car giveaway! The pool was small, with 13 entries, but just swimming with good ideas.

My favorites ranged from the soulful, like I Think I Can, I Think I Can on enjoying the simple pleasures of the season and helping others, to the practical, like Following 31 on the many ways she has earned and stored up actual presents to give her five children and other loved ones.
Then there are blends between the two, like Frugal Dr. Mom's idea of buying a gingerbread mold at and using it to create a new tradition. (By the way, I have one of those that my mother-in-law gave me and, despite the fact that I am no artist nor no architect either, we have had holiday fun with it.)

I have just one prize this time around, so I have to choose one. (Kind of like we all have to choose just one candidate at next week's election, so get your butts out there and vote, by the way.) And I choose ...

Following 31. I was touched at how hard she's been working to put together Christmas gifts, and thought she offered the largest number of practical ideas for doing so. Now, I like the non-presenty parts of the season as much as the next girl, but still. I just imagine Following 31's children growing up someday and realizing how hard and long Mom worked to make sure there was something under the tree for each one.

So if you are the author of Following 31, please contact me at carrie AT to give me your mailing address so I can send you this toy. Congratulations!