Monday, October 6, 2008

This Work From Home Book Sounds Helpful

I just saw a short segment about this book on Chicago's Fox morning show, and I thought you guys might be interested. It's called Will Work From Home (If you buy it on Amazon with a free Prime trial for free shipping, it's actually cheaper new than the used price.)

The book apparently covers virtual customer service, writing, pr and marketing, tutoring, paid surveys and other stuff. I think this is one topic where a published book would be helpful because there is so much deceptive info out there about fake work from home opportunities. Money Saving Mom also posts real, non-scam work at home ideas regularly, and in fact she has a guest post up about it today.

The book site also has a link to a "work from home webinar" by the book's authro, that costs about 20 bucks. Personally, I'd rather just get the book for half the price and have the info there to flip through at any time. But I guess it depends on your learning style.


Brianna said...

I am now obsessed with your website. I think I will finally start cutting coupons now. I think I'll be more motivated also if I look at your site :) Thanks a lot.

Carrie said...

Brianna, welcome! I think everyone should be obsessed with my website! ;-)

I'm going to post soon about my new coupon method, which involves less clipping and therefore takes me a lot less time.