Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sucked Into Wags Again

I'm about to head down to my basement to do some cleanup to discourage mouse nesting -- fun, I know! But before I go, I wanted to share my Walgreen's experience today. It seems that one of the weekly deals that might have been a moneymaker is only working for some people.

The deal was supposed to be: buy 3 16-ct Benefiber sticks for $8 or $8.50 each, use the Oct. Easy Saver $5/1 coupon (which will ring up 3 times and take $15 off), use 3 manufacturers' coupons, and get them for $3 or $4.50. Then get 8 Register Rewards back.

I thought that, combined with the $5/$20, was a good enough reason to work a Wags stop into my busy Saturday morning. I added the Theraflu and Alka-Seltzer deals, as well as one Sunday paper, to make my post-coupon total over $20. I was expecting to pay about $18 and get 21 RR back -- not 0 out of pocket like I do at CVS, but not bad either, especially considering that there's a $6.99 mail-in-rebate on the Theraflu.

However, when I checked out, I got zero RRs. I started to walk away before I realized that there was a problem (I'm not used to Wags!). The lady who helped me was very nice and knew what she was doing. She determined there were problems with the Theraflu and Alka-Seltzer I'd bought -- at least one box was the wrong variety in each. So she returned the Alka-Seltzer for cash, which I used to buy the correct one. Then, she rescanned the boxes of Theraflu, avoiding the one that was for some reason not paying, and got that one to print out for me.

But with the Benefiber, she showed me that the ad actually DOESN'T INCLUDE the 16-ct. boxes. This is a problem because the Easy Saver coupon is ONLY for the 16-ct. boxes. So, although this sweet combo is apparently working for some people, it is not working for others. Comments on MoneySavingMom's page show that some people did get RRs for the 16-count, while others, like me, didn't.

Oh well. Hopefully my grandma can use it.


Melissa said...

I did get it with the 16 count earlier in the week.. I think it was Monday? Wonder if WAGS got smart and started reading some of these websites to see which deals were actually costing them $$??? ;) hey if they were smart they would!

Annie's Antics :-) said...

Bummer! I hate when I have my heart set on a deal and it doesn't pan out!! I'm not hip to Wags yet either - CVS seems to make so much more sense for some reason!

Carrie said...

When I read that it also worked for many people, I'm wondering ... after all, my other two transactions didn't work at first either. But, with the Benefiber, they were all the exact one thing that the coupon worked on, so it's not like I got some other item accidentally. Oh well.

My main problem, now, is that I have to spend those RRs in a week! I definitely like CVS better, and besides, it's a MUCH shorter walk from my house.