Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shopping: Groceries for 10/8 - 10/14

I had a full $80 to work with this week. Unfortunately, I spent about $105. But that's OK -- the way I look at it, I shop to spend $160 every two weeks. So for next week, I have $55 to spend and that should do fine.

I spent $72 at Dominick's, and that included beer and wine, my perpetual budget busters. The deal highlight from that store were Cambell's Select Harvest soup, $1 and 75 cents after coupon (I bought 8 of them). Everything else was marked down too, of course; according to my receipt with coupons and store sales I saved 42%.

(In my pre-couponing days, I always aimed for 30% or more savings, so I have improved.)

At my fave-rave, Fair Share Finer Foods, I spent $28. Deal highlights were cheese @ $3 a pound (I bought 4 pounds), frozen vegetables for 79 cents a pound, sweet potatoes at 49 cents a pound and a cabbage at 25 cents a pound. Oh, and a soon-to-expire 32-oz. carton of plain yogurt for 79 cents.

And, at the farmer's market, we bought organic potatoes for $5. We would have spent more, but we didn't have any cash.

I supplemented that with two gallons of milk from CVS, and my in-laws came over with chips, dip, breakfast sausage, bacon, and two bottles of wine (we brought one wine and one chips to a party).

This week I bought very little meat -- just some Italian sausage. I took a duck and some turkey soup out of the freezer and that is what we ate much of the week. Also had two dinners out. So for the coming week, we have plenty of supplies -- beer, wine, cheese, eggs, yogurt, bacon, and breadmaking supplies. I will need to buy some more fresh fruit and vegetables, get some more CVS milk, and probably buy a few pounds of meat.