Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shopping: Groceries for 10/22 - 10/28 -- STOCK THAT PANTRY PART DEUX

I'm really glad that I have been able to stock up on a lot of convenience foods -- cereal, canned soup, frozen vegetables -- in the last two weeks, because I just found out that I am pregnant. Yay! In anticipation of a couple months beginning soon that I may not be able to make it to the store, much less cook, it's nice to have some easy things on hand. I should also try to feed my freezer a bit more in the next week or two before morning sickness sets in. (Ironically, I feel like crap at the moment because of a bad head cold, but I'm hoping to be quit of that by tomorrow.)

I did manage to shop on $55 this week, to make up for that extra $25 I blew a few weeks back. But then, I did something crazy. I went ahead and shopped for most of next week too, and here's why: Next Tuesday is Election Day. I've been talking and fretting for MONTHS about how I want to Do More for Obama -- make some calls (which you can do from home!), write more online about the issues, send letters to the editor. But it just hasn't been getting done, mainly because I spend most of my free time blogging and bargain shopping.

So, I decided that next week I. Will. Not. Shop. There will be no grocery flyer deals posted here tomorrow -- sorry. I will give those flyers a cursory glance because I'd really like to use those four $3/5 Quaker coups I have on oatmeal before they expire on Friday. And I have all the coupons for that Glade catalina (ends 11/2) but haven't done it yet. But that's it! God, I'm backsliding already.

But the point is, when Nutmeg goes off to preschool tomorrow afternoon, I will not be typing up deals. I will be calling Ohio voters. Promise.

Anyhoo, here's what I bought. It was all at:

JEWEL (55.86)

I did the GM "Buy 10, get $5" deal TWICE. The first time, I got 9 bags of Green Giant veggies and one box Nature Valley granola bars (that was not planned, but I had miscounted my Green Giant mqs AND that Jewel doesn't carry Yo-Plus). After coupons (9 x $1/1, plus .60/1 for the granola bars), all that was $10.90. Then after the $5 instant savings, it was $5.90. Yo! 59 cents an item!

The second time I did the deal, I went to the other Jewel and bought four cans of Progresso soup using this $1.10/1 coupon(!) and six packs of Yo-Plus using $1/1 printables. I didn't get the instant savings, but they gave it to me cash at the service desk. Which was good because the kids were pretty much climbing the shelves at that point, and me with my miserable cold was about ready to drop dead. Thank you, nice Jewel manager in River Forest! That time the total was $11.28 after coupons, and $6.28 after getting the not-so-instant savings. 62 cents an item!

The above deal ends tomorrow, so there is still time to get in on it if you hurry!

Other good buys at Jewel: Rice Krispies for 88 cents a box after $1/1 coupon, two more Ronzoni spaghettis for 14.5 cents each, Progresso classics (mostly veggie) for 50 cents after coupon, Live Active granola bars from clearance cart at 65 cents after $1/1 coupon.

Here's what I bought for next week. I wanted to go to Fair Share Foods today to take advantage of their $1.99 Deans milk and some fruit deals, but we won't be touching any of this until tomorrow.


highlights : ground beef @ $1.79 a pound, house-made Italian sausage for pizza @ $1.99 a pound, lots of fruits and a few veggies at below $1 a pound, bananas @ 39 cents a pound, and that $1.99 milk (two gallons, the max allowed).

I'm pretty sure I can make it through most of the week on that -- we have all those frozen veggies AND another big organic pumpkin from last week, and I have some frozen meat, a full carton of eggs, plenty of grains, and Epu has an untouched 12-pack of beer. Now that I'm knocked up, I'll be saving money on wine, but of course I'll need to buy some more expensive vitamins and soon I'll be stuffing my face with expensive protein as well. I might stop into CVS for some free milk, and I might shop at the farmer's market on Saturday, but overall this week is not going to be about shopping. Maybe I'll even stay under $80!


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