Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shopping: Groceries for 10/15 - 10/21 - Stock That Pantry

Great news, guys! I figured out a way to claim that I didn't go over budget this week.

  • See, if you take what I spent ($101.85), subtract the catalinas I received and still have ($6), and subtract the $10 rebate I got from Kellogg's ($10), you get $85.85. OK, that's still over budget. But not bad, when you see what I got.

That's what I got at Jewel for $52.07, AND I recieved $6 in Catalinas to use on my next order. No fresh food there, this was purely a pantry run: Cereal at $1.20 and $1.25 a box after coupons, whole grain Mac and Cheese for 60 cents a box (no coupon), and this Ronzoni extra-fortified pasta at -- I love this -- FOURTEEN POINT FIVE CENTS A BOX.

Yes, I did. I paid 14.5 cents each for two 14-oz. boxes of noodles. How? They were bogo @ $2.29. I used two $1/1 coupons, and viola! I paid 29 cents for two.

I was also pleased to stock up on 8 O'Clock Coffee at $3 a bag after coupon, AND each bag has another $1 coupon inside. I got six bags. That's, I dunno, 2 months of coffee for us?

The highlight of all that cereal was getting overage: The deal was, buy 4 Post cereals for $8 and get a "Just Bunches" free. I had a $2/1 for Just Bunches, and so I ended up getting all five boxes for $6. :-)

I got the two Catalinas thusly: $5 for spending $20 on Con-Agra stuff (canned tomatoes and popcorn, used $7.40 in coupons) and $1 for buying a jar of Fleishmann's yeast, on sale for $6.50, minus a 50-cent coupon. Not the most amazing deal for yeast even after the Catalina, but I don't belong to Costco and haven't found a really good source for this stuff.

And then when I got home, the mail carrier was just dropping off my $10 Kellogg's rebate. Finally! I so needed an extra $10 in grocery money to take advantage of all these good deals this week.

Then today, I took the girls to Dominick's to test out Moana Blogger's suggestion on getting Mini-Wheats Catalinas. Sure enough, I ended up with nine boxes for $8, or 89 cents a box. With all the other coupons I used, I managed to get this whole grocery order for $23.78. If I had bought only nine boxes of cereal with that, it would have been less than the cereal's regular price (would have been $2.64 a box). So you might say I picked up a bunch of cereal on sale, than got for FREE: two gallons of hormone-free milk, nine cans and two cartons of broth, four cans of soup, 2 pounds honey crisp apples and two caramel apple dips (my autumn weakness!).

I also went to the farmer's market and spent $26 on produce, some organic, and antibiotic-free ground beef ($6/pound). I wrote about trying to decide what to buy organic, by the way, at Wise Bread this week.

Wait, you say! You hardly bought any meat this week, nor bread, nor gallons of milk. Let me 'splain. First, I totally forgot to include the two gallons of milk I bought in my Dominick's pic, above. Second, we have been eating less and less meat; I cooked that pound of beef from the farmer's market, some sausage we already had in lasagna, and I will put some bacon in our soup tonight. More details on all that when I publish our week's menues later today.

Finally, I supplemented our milk supply with two or three gallons from CVS, bought with ExtraBucks. I've been making bread homemade.

I was very proud of being able to do such a big stock-up this week. The one thing I failed to do, however, was to come in $25 UNDER budget after going over -- with a combination of stock-ups, regular groceries and alcohol -- last week.

So, I guess this coming week I will try ONCE AGAIN to spend only $55. Wish me luck!


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