Thursday, October 16, 2008

Resale Review: Oak Park Salvation Army = Blech

Today, against my better judgement, I took the kids to the Salvation Army in Oak Park. I know it's not super nice to be harsh on a charity store, but man, I can never believe how crappy this place is.

The merchandise is crammed together and the place is so full of racks and shelves that I don't dare come in with a stroller. An odor of cigarette smoke and grunginess hangs in the air. The prices are outrageously high for outrageously low quality stuff: Nutmeg picked up a dented plastic sword that probably was originally free or very cheap. They wanted a dollar for it, and I just woudln't pay that, so she was not a happy camper.

The kids clothes did not appear to be organized by size. Anything that looks like a high quality item is on display -- way up on the wall or in the window where no one can reach it.

To top it all off, last time I went there, the woman taking my money got confused and did not realize that I had already paid her a $1 bill for a couple of plastic jack-o-lantern pails. Someone who worked there had interrupted her after she took my money, and they gave her some money to put in the till. She put my dollar away with that other money, then turned back to me and asked me to pay again.

Forgiveable, right? Everyone makes mistakes. Except that she did not believe me. Both she and the other woman behind the counter sat there and argued with me, until they finally told me to go ahead and take the stuff for free. The stuff I had just paid for. Thank goodness I wasn't owed any change, at least.


Becky said...

Ugh, nothing turns me against a thrift faster than if they have anything of "value" up out of reach. I mean, like a vinyl Liz Claiborne purse. It just makes you think that anything left on the racks must be actual garbage.

Jess said...

Sadly, most of my SA encounters have been as unsatisfactory as yours, to say the least. But are you familiar with You can read and leave reviews of thrift stores, and there's lots of other great stuff here.

daria said...

Not to defend your horrid shopping experience, but I know that at my local Goodwill store, they do hire special-needs folks. Perhaps short term memory loss is a special need?