Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RefundCents Review

I took advantage of an offer on Wise Bread and signed up for a trial membership of a paid Web site called RefundCents. According to the Wise Bread post, Linsey Knerl, says this about the site:

With coupon codes, a great reader community, and lots of last-minute and rarely-heard-about deals, it’s saved me lots of money over the last 2 years.

Well, Linsey knows a lot about frugal living, so if she thought it is worth the $12 a year, I definitely needed to check it out.

Here are my impressions:

When you first look at the site, it looks kind of amateurish. Apparently the woman behind it, Michele Easter, has been publishing a paper magazine by the same name for 28 years. In fact, she still offers the magazine as well. You see a lot of pictures of her with her cat and merchanise she's gotten in deals (what my husband calls, "coupon porn"). The free area of the site also has a lot of these type of pics sent in by her readers.

The forums attached to this site, I believe, are free. They have a forum for each grocery store and it looks like a good place to check before you go; for example there were a lot of catalinas described there.

Once you log in, you get to read "Michelle's Updates," which I think is the meat of the paid site. This is where I found out that Hungry Hungry Hippoes was going for under $9 on Amazon the other night.

Overall, I can see that this site has some good info, and I may return to the forums. But I wouldn't pay the $12 to retain access to the members-only site. It's not that it's not worth $1 a month -- particularly, as Linsey pointed out, if you shop at a smaller grocery chain that isn't listed on many other blogs. But with so many blogs like Money Saving Mom out there offering info for free, and others like which I haven't even had time to check out yet, I just feel like that last thing I need is MORE reading to do.

You know where I've been getting the best tips lately? My readers! Keep 'em coming, I love it!


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