Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Pumpkin Fun

We finally used up that $6 organic pumpkin from Whole Foods. We were all so amazed at how many dishes we got out of that thing, so I wanted to share:

2 pumpkin soups
1 batch smoothies
pumpkin seeds

That's right: that one pumpkin made NINE different meal elements and snacks. Granted, there was just a little leftover pumpkin in the smoothies, which was just right to add some nutrition without us really tasting it.

The pies were good, although next time around I will puree the pumpkin instead of mash it, use more spices and less vanilla, and use dried milk instead of evaporated.

The stew was phenomenal.

The soups were wonderful, especially the coconut one.
The rolls were the best thing of all. I got the recipe through Money Saving Mom and everyone just loved them. So moist.

Nutmeg really got into using up that pumpkin, so I felt the whole activity was a valuable learning experience. I thought she'd be sick to death of pumpkin by the end of the week, but actually, she just said to me, "Mommy, let's buy another pumpkin!"

Since one of my readers was kind enough to mention that pie pumpkins are sold at Menards, I asked Epu to pick me up one today.