Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Was Wrong About the 3-Month Amazon Prime Trial

Oh, don't worry, it's still awesome and it's still free. So if you have signed up for it or plan to, please enjoy it.

I was just wrong that signing up for it would help support this site. I don't get a commission for those sign-ups, only for one-month trial sign-ups through this link.

Oh well. I'd rather my readers get a good deal than make the commission. In the long run, I think we're all better served that way.

However. If you are NOT a big Amazon shopper and don't care about enjoying the three-month trial for Xmas shopping, if you ONLY want to sign up for a trial in order to support this site, then please, please, feel welcome to click here and do so. Or on the huge blinking banner in the right-hand margin. But remember, the trial offer with these links is only for one month. Not three.


Lindsay said...

Bummer! :( Still a great find though!