Friday, October 3, 2008

I Might Actually Drive to KMart -- $40 Stuff for $1.78 O.O.P.

I just read about this catalina deal that ties in with KMart's double coupons. Using on two computers, I believe I can get 4 more of the bogo coupons, in addition to the two I got from the 9/14 SmartSource.

According to my calculations, this is what I would do:

1) buy 2 Glad Gel Warmers w/ 1 bogo coupon, pay 1.78 o.o.p., get 2 Catalinas worth $2 each
2) buy 10 Warmers w/ 5 coupons, pay $8.90, use the $4 in Catalinas (doubled = $8), receive 10x $2 catalinas.

Go buy $40 worth of stuff. Make sure you have at least 10 items, or if you are using other coupons, make sure there is an item for every coupon AND an item for each Catalina, which is counted like a manufacturer's coupon.

Get it all free.

I'm just called my local KMart in Forest Park, Ill., and yes -- they take Internet coupons AND are participating in double coupons. Looks like a hot Friday night for me!

Oh, and by the way, sign up for KMart emails and get two $5 coupons. And finally, I just viewed this week's KMart circular online and noticed there are a BUNCH of coupons in it, including one for $1/1 fun size bag of chocolate bars. You can print the page out from, with bar code, but it looks pretty fuzzy so I doubt you could use the print-out as a coupon. But if you haven't recycled your KMart circular yet, look for those coupons!


Lisa B. said...

Was you able to get this deal? When I went to kmart today they would accept printables but would not double them. :(