Monday, October 27, 2008

I Just Got $50 in Restaurant Gift Certs for $4

I had $4 burning a hole in my Paypal account. What can you get for four lousy bucks these days?

How about gift certificates for two restaurants, worth $25 each? With the 80% off sale at right now, a $25 gift cert, normally $10, costs just $2. You have to use the coupon code TREATS.

Thanks to Mir at for alerting me to the deal. I got one for the Marion Street Grille in Oak Park and one for a restaurant called Firefly in Wauwatosa, Wis., (near my in-laws').

I have used these certs before with no problem. The company is totally legit. There are usually restrictions, though -- like Firefly requires that you spend at least $35 to use your $25 certificate, and the Marion Street Grille requires that you go with a party of at least 4. And everywhere, of course, you tip on the full bill before discount. Some places add an 18% tip for you to make sure you don't forget.


moon2301 said...

Thanks for the tip! I forgot I had credit at from cashing in some united miles. I got $125 worth of certificates for $10!

That's crazy!