Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homemade Cole Slaw Versus Popeyes Cole Slaw

Yesterday, when we took advantage of a Columbus Day special coupon and ordered takeout chicken from Popeyes, I made our cole slaw from scratch. I had two motivations here: One, I had a big old cabbage I'd bought for 25 cents a pound, and two, the hubs does not like creamy cole slaw.

So I made a big tub of vinaigrette cole slaw at home for about $2.50. $1 worth of cabbage, 50 cents worth of bottled dressing, and about (I'm guessing here) $1 worth of carrots, onion and spices. I could have made it for cheaper if I hadn't used bottled dressing, but hey, this was supposed to be an EASY dinner night.

When I got to Popeyes, I checked the price for cole slaw: $3.79 for a large. There were probably four of those "large" Popeyes containers in my big tub of slaw.

So, with a little chopping and stirring, I saved approximately 12 smackers. Love that, eh?

P.S. I found that I hate chopping a lot less than I used to. Why? I sharpened my knives. Duh, huh?