Friday, October 31, 2008

Here Are Those Pics I Promised

Dorthy Gale, and, of course, her dog Toto. Isn't it nice when your sibs are young enough that you get to dictate their costumes?

Pebbles' dog costume was made by her grandma. I've been very lucky in that regard -- Epu's mother has made several of the girls' costumes so far. But Nutmeg can also be very resourceful about putting them together. Usually she gets Epu to help, but this year she really just picked and chose some things she already had, with some help from me, to put together a Dorothy costume. Sure, it's not as picture-perfect as it could have been, but it's her own creativity and I'm very proud. My only regret is the wig -- I should have shelled out the bucks to get one like this one on Amazon, but instead I got that ugly thing for $3.75 at CVS. She didn't complain, though. And she requested that some of her blond hair show underneath, "So people will be able to tell who I am."