Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Deal on Prenatals - Updated With CVS Deal

For obvious reasons, I was just cruising for good deals on prenatal vitamins. So I just noticed that Amazon has a deal where if you spend $39 on vitamins or supplements, you get $10 off, using the code OCTRLNOW. It ends today, so I hurried up and put together this deal:

Ninety-count bottles of Rainbow Light Just Once Prenatal vitamins are 44% off at $17.99. People seem to like them because they're not full of chemicals. Buy three 90-count bottles of Rainbow Light Just Once for $54 and get them for $44 with the code. Even better, put them on Subscribe and Save for an additional 15% off, making it $43.97 for all three bottles -- less than $15 a bottle and less than $5 a month for your entire pregnancy.

Order all 3 bottles on the first delivery, in order to qualify for the $10 off promo. Since you'll then have enough for an entire pregnancy, you can just cancel Subscribe and Save before you receive the next scheduled order.

All prenatals are required to have the same basic stuff, like 800 mcg of folic acid, and this one is no different. It does claim to be gentle on the stomach, maybe because it includes ginger juice. We'll see about that. Oh, and if you happen to be vegetarian or vegan, this brand is free of animal products.

UPDATE: I almost bought these last night, but I wanted to check out CVS today to see if I could get a better deal. Glad I did.

I ended up buying 250 vitamins -- 20 less than the above deal, but basically a whole pregnancy's worth -- for $17. Or, depending on how you look at it, $7. Or $3. Or maybe I really got them for free.

Here's what I did:

1) Picked up Nutmeg's scrip. Paid $20 out of pocket, received $30 GC with Dominick's coupon (they take competitors' pharm coupons)
2) Bought 1 Rainbow Light 50-count prenatals @ $9.99 (get 2ECBs) and two 100-count LifeFitness ones @ $12.99 (bogo). That rang up @ $23
3) Used a $4/$20 Diet/Nutrition Products CVS q from the coupon machine. New total = $19
4) Paid 10ECB and $9 off new GC, received 2ECBs

So for the whole thing, I ended up with 8ECBs less than I came in with, but $1 MORE on the GC than I put in.

Now how can I say I got them free? Well, I also made 4ECBs on this visit, by buying 2 CVS-brand Vitamin D @ $2.99 each and using $1/1 coupons which rang up as $2 off. At that point, I'm $3 down for the entire trip, including all the vitamins and my daughter's scrip.

Now, if you don't count the scrip, which I had to buy anyway and after all will be reimbursed from my FSA, I ended up MAKING $16 on the visit.

Funny how there are so many ways to account for CVS trips, eh? I think I will leave it at this: I got a good deal, I'm glad I stopped in, and I'm glad I didn't order the Amazon ones.

If you don't have a CVS nearby, though, that Amazon offer is still not a bad deal. After all, the price I quoted for the CVS deal is for ALL the higher end Rainbow Light brand, while I ended up buying only a few of those and the rest the chemically LifeFitness kind.