Monday, October 20, 2008

Frugal Foul - Couldn't Make It to the Land of Cheap Gas Before Filling Up

We drive from the Chicago area, land of outrageous gas prices, to Wisconsin several times a month. Since we don't use our car for commuting, we try and often can hold out from one Wisconsin trip to the next before having to fill the tank.

Of course, sometimes timing goes awry. Like this weekend.

A week ago or so, we had to pull into a gas station right in Oak Park, which seems to have higher prices than other Chicago suburbs, and so we decided to only put in a quarter tank and hope we could make it until our Sunday Wisconsin run.

I tried hard not to drive around town. I walked us a mile and a half to the gym and back. But then, I drove to Skokie for a presentation on educating gifted children. And then, Epu drove to the north side of Chicago for a card game.

By the time we were heading to Kenosha, we were running on empty. We pushed past the O'Hare area but soon had to pull off, and pay $3.35 for gas. Oh well, we thought -- at least we didn't pay the $3.39 they were charging in Oak Park (and even that is like, $1 down from earlier this year).

So we didn't feel bad about not making it -- until we got to Kenosha and saw they were selling gas for $2.85. Wow! I didn't know if we'd ever see the 2s again.

Wouldn't you know, for some reason we had filled up the whole tank back there in Illinois. At an extra 50 cents a gallon, those 14 gallons cost us SEVEN BUCKS more than we needed to pay. Ack.


*Hippie* said...

That sucks!! Gas prices drive me nuts. I filled up at $2.85 yesterday though, so I was real happy about that!!

kristina said...

Love your blog!