Friday, October 24, 2008

Eye-opening Words About CVS Foodstuffs

I want to share with you guys a comment I received on my Wise Bread post about playing the CVS game. Now, keep in mind that this is an anonymous comment -- it doesn't meet the standards for, say, investigative journalism. However, I can't see much incentive for an employee to post these kind of allegations if they aren't true:

I work at CVS and would not recommend anyone buy from them, esp. groceries. CVS
regularly ships food items and nonfood items together in the same tray -- Pam
antistick spray w/ hairspray and Raid insect killer, summer candy w/ Raid, Boost
w/ Rid lice killer w/ permethrin, also pet food w/ cough and cold, baby formula
in the same tray as cigars. Regulations are routinely ignored by everyone except
me -- cases of bleach placed atop food items on palettes in basement, for
example, after I have gone to the trouble to carefully segregate them. I once
dared complain about this to a manager who did this, and as a result he cut my
hours w/ no reason given even though I am their best worker. Cases of food are
placed on filthy basement floor. Perishables are not rotated. Maybe you think I
an just an employee w/ a grudge, but you can verify all this if you take the
trouble. Just go in on the day they have delivery, you can see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

once when i was recently shopping i noticed all of the orange juice they had in the dairy case was expired, as was almost every carton of eggs. check the dates before you buy!!

Anonymous said...

I recently bought 2 pints of Edy's ice cream and when I got them home, it was obvious (by taste AND texture) that it had been thawed and re-frozen numerous times. Then I checked the date and it was a month overdue! I won't ever buy perishables from there again and after reading that, I'll probably refrain from any food product. There are plenty of good food deals to be had in the local groceries :)

jskell911 said...

Wow! Think I will have to be pretty careful there. I don;t tend to buy much food there, but still....

Also, You have been tagged!

CB said...


Carrie said...

In defense of CVS, or at least my local one, when I brought back a sour gallon of milk, the manager later asked me about it in detail. He was disappointed to hear it had happened because they had just changed Dean's delivery companies because they'd had the same problem with the last vendor.