Sunday, October 12, 2008

Even Cheaper Home Pregnancy Tests

I happened to notice that there are plenty of home pregnancy tests up on Amazon. Amazon directly sells the 2- and 3-packs you see in the drugstore, for similarly inflated prices.

However, if you just want test strips, which you dip in a cup of pee, you can get 20 of them for $9.99, about 50 cents each. Free shipping.

That's even cheaper than the 85 cents each I paid for my test strips at And by the way, I used one of those strips last month and it was not at all challenging. Actually, it was kind of easier than the midstream kind.


Amanda said...

I saw your request for a homemade dishwasher powder on money saving mom. Here is a link to my blog:


*Hippie* said...

Awesome post! I will be buying some if I'm not preg this month...