Saturday, October 18, 2008

CVS Plan 10/19 - 10/25 -- Just the Freebies

Well, it's now been nearly two weeks with no x/xx coupons at CVS. I'm getting nervous! CVS, don't abandon us now when some of us are losing jobs and retirement funds in a financial crisis!

Without coupons, I'm just sticking to the freebies this week. And maybe some milk. Oh, wait, I might actually buy the iCraig alarm clock with iPod dock for $30 (get 10ECBs) because we had the iHome thing like this but it is broken. And now, no clock or radio in our bedroom.

Sunday and Monday ONLY
Pumpkin pail $0.99 (get .99ECBs) limit 2
Brach's Pumpkins, autumn mix, Indian or candy corn $1.29 (get 1.29ECBs) limit 2
Funlight 6" smart light $0.99 (.99ECBs) limit 2

Powerade 32oz $1.69 (1.69ECBs) limit 1
use $1/1 from 7/13 SmartSource and it's a $1 moneymaker
use .75/1 from 6/8 SmartSource and it's a small moneymaker

Butler ToothBrush 2 pack $3.99 (3.99ECBs) limit 5
Use $1/1 from 9/14 RedPlum and it's a $1 moneymaker (I did not get this coupon myself)
Use .75/1 from 8/3 RedPlum and it's a .75 moneymaker

Just for Men hair dye $7.99 (7.99ECBs) limit 1
use $2/1 printable and it's a $2 moneymaker
also send for $8 mail-in rebate!

I'm also thinking about scenarios for the "spend $25 on certain diaper products, get $10." I have a $4 off CRT for Playskool products, and at least the wipes are included in this deal. There was also apparently a $2/1 Playskool coupon in the 9/21 insert, but I think it's for a larger size (240 ct.) wipe. There's also a $1/1 Playskool wipes printable.
I'll have to price larger wipes at the store and see if they're even included before working up a deal with this.

Another thought on that: The Internet coupon does not include a size limit. I wonder if the travel packs of wipes are included in the $25/$10 deal. Even if they're not, those travel packs would be a good deal with the $1 coupon, I bet.


jskell911 said...

Don't forget the excedrin! With the coupons in today's paper it's free, and there is a rebate as well so a money maker! I got 8 bottles LOL

Becky said...

I went today and snagged the pumpkin pails. But get this: not all the "funlights" are ecb-producing. I grabbed two that were on the freakin' display, and no ecb's printed out. I looked at the add, and it had a picture of one that I didn't see in my store. By the time I realized this, I was home, and the funlights were glowing and wrapped around my kids' arms. Dang!