Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Children's Place at Consignment Prices!

I just totally made a purchase based on a recommendation at Wantnot.net: 50% off sale at The Children's Place. The coupon code HAA8 gives you another 15% off, and shipping is a flat $5.

I scored a dress and a top for Nutmeg, and a pair of slippers for Pebbles. The slippers especially I really needed to get. Total price, including shipping and tax? $18.40!

I didn't think I could get ONE THING at The Children's Place for that price! Thank you, Wantnot.net!

P.S. That blog is also great for letting you know when Restaurant.com gift certificates go on sale. Like now, when they're 80% off with the coupon code EIGHTY.


Mandy said...

I jumped on this bandwagon this afternoon, thanks to you giving me the heads up. $44 later, I have several shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of shoes, and a dinosaur coin pouch and pink purse coming. Including shipping. The way I see it, the extra 15% off took care of the shippping. I'll save the dinosaur and pink purse for my kids for Christmas stocking stuffers. Thanks again!