Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chicago Area: KMart Double Coupon Event Includes Local Stores

Last time KMart did a double coupon event, my local stores were not included. But this time tons of Chicago-area locations are on the participating list, including the one in Forest Park.

These are the rules that Money Saving Mom posted: "Coupons up to and including $2 will be doubled. No overage will be giving. Only 4 of the same coupon may be used per transaction. Limit of 75 coupons per customer per day. No printable coupons will be accepted."

Doubling $2 coups! Sounds great to me -- oh, except no printables. Hrm. Well, check out these deals at Common Sense With Money to see if there's anything worth going in for.

Hopefully none of your classmates will see you coming out and tease you for shopping at KMart. Or was that just my school where, "That's so KMart" was the ultimate insult?