Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bum Genius Cloth Diapers for $7!!!!

Last night I read that an Amazon seller is offering BumGenius cloth diapers at $12, along with one of those free magazine or $15 rebate deals.

These normally sell for $17 and I don't see many discounts on cloth diapers. What with my Prime trial for free shipping, I was ready to grab some.

I messed up the magazine portion of the deal by not spending $25 WITH THE SAME SELLER. So here's how you should do it to get the diapers for $7 each: Buy three of the diapers. (Only left in pink at this point.) Your total will be $36. You'll get an email from Amazon offering free Cookie magazine or $15. If you deduct the $15, your total will be $21 for 3 diapers, or $7 each.



*Hippie* said...

you use cloth too?

All of my kids are potty trained, but we are TTC right now! I wonder if I should get pinks and hope we hav a girl next?? LOL

Carrie said...

Right now I own exactly two cloth diapers. I got some on Diapers.com as an experiment. I gotta say I have had few problems with them except of course it's not fun to empty poop out of them. So I figured I'd add a couple more non-disposables. We're TTC too -- oh, and about that, I've got an even cheaper pregnancy test deal to post soon.

*Hippie* said...

Ohhh yeah! I remember reading the two cloth diaper post awhile ago. We used cloth for over 4 years with our youngest 3 children. The poop is definitely no fun, but I loved that the kids weren't sitting in chemicals around the clock, and it really did save money in the long run considering I used some of the same prefolds for all of them. Of course it's fun to splurge on some cute covers here and there! I really miss cloth actually... I need a baby!! lol I can't wait to see the pregnancy test deal! :)

Carrie said...

Hippie, if you are missing diapers, you have got it bad!!!!