Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another ConAgra Catalina Coming Up at Jewel

When I participated in the "spend $20, get $5" Catalina at Jewel this past week, I received a little promo at the register, promoting another upcoming ConAgra Catalina. Next time, it says, they will be offering $10 off your next order when you spend $20.

It doesn't say when this is coming, it just says, "holiday bonus" and "see store ad for dates and details."

It pictures Peter Pan peanut butter, Pam spray, Orville R. popcorn and Chef Boyardee.

Hmm. We'll see if I even want to buy ANOTHER 20 bucks worth of Con Agra stuff. The kids LOVE the Chef, but the stuff contains soy (makes the older one itch) and so, so much sodium. Well, maybe if there are coupons.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

do you know about the free omaha steaks deal going on right now? i posted about it tonight. it wasn't totally free, it cost me $3.96 for 16lbs of ground beef, including shipping and taxes.

Abby said...

I did it too! (I was actually on my way here to ask you if you'd done it, but it looks like the Queen of the Urban Jungle beat me to it!) I paid $1.98 for 20 hamburgers! How awesome is that??? Hopefully you're able to do the deal also :)