Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the Winner Is ...

Oh, you guys are so sweet for posting your best McDonalds' excuses for my little giveaway. Guess I should get some kind of real giveaway going here soon so I can provide a better reward next time around. Speaking of which, I just saw this Happy Days rerun while doing the dishes the other night where Ritchie, Ralph and Potsy organize a beauty contest advertising fabulous prizes, just so they can date all the prettiest girls in school. Of course, they can't come up with the prizes in the end and end up in deep trouble, until Fonzie saves the day!

What? You want to know who won the contest for the best excuse for taking your kids to McDonalds? Alright, alright, I really *do* have a fabulous, fabulous McDonalds Treat book to give away, which retails for just $1 but is good for, I dunno, $12? worth of treats.

I award this prize to moon2301, who said, "I only got her a happy meal so she could complete her collection of Wizard of Oz dolls."

I love the perverse logic of compounding the culinary crime with a confession of rampant kitchy consumerism. Especially for a frugal mom! Way to go, moon2301. Email me with your mailing address and I'll send you the coupon book.

Is my email on this site somewhere? If not, it's carrie @ Remove the spaces, of course.

OK, one more anecdote: I have a friend whose mother-in-law suggested she host the kid's birthday party at McDonalds. She was thinking frugally: It only costs $30 there.

My friend cracked up. "Oh Mom," she said. "McDonalds is where we secretly take our kids and pray that no one sees us coming out. It's not a place we'd want to publicly invite all the other kids to."