Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And Boy Are My Arms Tired

After the Cubs lost their first post-season game tonight, I took myself over to CVS for a little pick-me-up. Like, getting four 12-packs of Coke for a mere 7ECBs. $1.75 apiece. Uh ... 15 cents a can. You can't get generic cola for that, I'm guessing.

($13/4, bought with two Schick travel razor packs, used $3/$15 CVS q and $2 Schick q to bring the total down to $10, paid 10ECBs and received 3ECBs back. Especially nice when I remember how I got those 10ECBs last week by buying 2 Freeze Pop boxes with 7ECBs.)

But then I had to haul four 12-packs home with me. Ouch. The cashier kindly put each pack in a large bag, and the bags held all the way home, but still. My arms are sore now, so imagine what they'll be like tomorrow.

Oh, I noticed something while I was there: Honey Bunches of Oats are marked down to $2.50 this week. Normally they're over $4. If you sent away for the free HB of O coupon, you'll notice it says a maximum of $3-something. So, normally you can't get the cereal completely free at CVS with the coupon, but this week you can. Maybe even with some overage if you're lucky.