Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amazon Tip: Check Out Your Personalized Quick Picks

I was just cruising Amazon looking for some clearance items on which to use my Amazon Prime free trial membership. I noticed something I've never seen before:

Amazon had picked out some bargain items it thought would interest me. And you know what? They did interest me! Bags of dates for $1.21 each, Seventh Generation Baby Wipes. OK, I didn't end up buying either of those items, but I will check back for future Quick Picks.

To see your Quick Picks, first of course be signed in to Amazon.com. In the blue margin at the top of the front page, click "Today's Deals." It's right next to the Gold Box. (You probably already know about Gold Box deals -- it's just another place to look for short term deals that change every day.)

Scroll down, past the "More of Our Best Deals" section, and you may see "Your Name Here's" Quick Picks. It says that to get the deal they show, you have to buy the item in an hour, and it also says new items will be added every day.

I'll be back, Amazon!

p.s. When I searched for "clearance" on Amazon, I found this Doodle Pro Glow for under $10, something I know my older daughter will love. Ladies and gentlemen, I have just bought my first Xmas present! In October. Which beats my previous record by oh, two months.