Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3-Month Amazon Prime Deal Over, But You Can Still Get the 1-Month Trial

It appears that the sweet 3-month Amazon Prime trial offer is over. But don't dispair: If you didn't sign up, you can at least get a 1-month trial. I have it straight from Amazon that this one is going to be available at least until the end of October.

So if you want to use your free 1-month trial for your Xmas shopping, I'd recommend that you come back here and sign up on Halloween at the latest, then get your shopping done in November. Think how relaxed you'll feel come December!

I'm going to repost this at the very end of the month just to remind y'all. Yeah, I'm a regular Santy Clause, I know.

P.S. I have been loving my free Prime trial. When I see a good deal on something, no matter how small, I just click and buy it. No hunting around for fillers to make sure I get to the $25 threshhold.