Monday, September 22, 2008

Whole Foods Deals and Coupons

We stopped into Whole Foods today because we were out of coffee and I thought I would partially feed the kids lunch by grazing all the free samples. Well, I guess times are tough all over, because there were NO free samples there today. We ate lunch from the deli section, which is never cheap.

However, I did notice a couple things I wanted to share:

If you are at Whole Foods, pick up the $1/1 Imagine Soup, Broth or Stock, $1/1 Organic India supplements or tea, .75/2 boom CHOCO boom bars, $2/1 Spectrum DHA supplement, $1/1 Cascadian FArm item, $5/1 Vitamin Code, $2/1 off Aroma Naturals candle. The candle q is a Whole Foods coupon, the rest are manufacturers' coupons that could be used anywhere.

Also, I was reminded that the 365 Whole Foods house brand offers some pretty good values. For example, I picked up 5 pounds of organic whole wheat flour for $3.75, and the non-organic version was only about $3, I think. Also, I bought 24 oz. of organic coffee for $9.99. I consider $4.75 for 12 oz. to be a "buy" price for any whole bean coffee, although I do try to use a $1/1 coupon on 8 O'Clock at this price if I can. But if this Whole Foods stuff is any good, that's quite a price. It doesn't say "fair trade," mind you, which would be better.