Monday, September 29, 2008

What We Ate on That: 9/21- 9/27

OK, now that you have picked yourselves up off the floor after reading about my beautiful CVS haul this week, I'm going to remind you that I also grocery shopped. And with those groceries, these are the meals I made:

This week we arrived home from a weekend away on Sunday evening. So no Saturday menu. You may notice an abundance of pears on the menu this week. This is because the girls and I visited a relative over the weekend and helped her harvest from her tree. We got pears, pears, pears around here, and they are delicious.

And oh, I usually end my menus on Friday, but I included Saturday just for the hell of it. After all, we didn't buy anything new for Saturday except buns for the sausages. And beverages for the whole week are milk, coffee, carbonated water, tap water, wine and beer.


dinner: scrambled eggs with cheese and peppers from Dad's garden, sausage and fried potatoes


breakfast: Pop Tarts, leftover potatoes, cereal
lunch: out at Whole Foods for me and the girls ($$$!), Epu ate pears and ?
snack: pears, hummus with crackers
dinner: pasta with frozen primavera sauce and meatballs, grated cheese


breakfast: pancakes and sausage

snack: fruit snacks and granola bars
lunch: bagels with cream cheese
snack: pears, leftover pancakes
dinner: wild salmon, kale (Dad's garden, dee-licious), brown rice


lunch: bagels with cream cheese
dinner: vegetarian stuffed green peppers using rice leftover from the night before


breakfast: cereal, bread and cheese
lunch: scrambled eggs with cheese and green pepper, left-over fried potatoes
dinner: pork with pears in slow cooker and homemade bread


breakfast: peach and yogurt smoothies
snack: granola and SoyJoy bars
lunch: leftovers
snacks: cheese and crackers, cereal with milk and bananas
dinner: Jane Brody's chicken and eggplant with rice

SATURDAY (block party)

breakfast: cereal and fruit
lunch: leftovers
snack: Flavor-Ice!
dinner: homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon (my dish for the potluck), grilled polish sausages, ice cream social (we brought free CVS M&Ms for topping)


Dr. Mom said...

I am so going to cook that macaroni and cheese with bacon. Wow, that looks good!

Tag, you're it!

a_random_university_student said...

i was wondering about the kale...
how do you prepare it?

i have a wicked raw salad, but i am always interest in learning how other people use it.

Carrie said...

i usually saute kale. or boil AND saute. you eat it raw? seems like it would be pretty tough.