Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I Learned From This Week's Sales on Pop-Tarts

OK, so if you are reading your Sunday sale flyers you might notice two things that make my face feel a little eggy.

1. Target is selling Pop Tarts 4 for $9, plus you get a $5 gift card for each 4 you buy.

2. CVS is selling Pop Tarts for $1.69.

Both of those deals would have allowed me to do better with the $10 Kellogg's rebate than I did (or at least than I would have had my cashier not somehow double-scanned some of my coupons).

In the new Target deal, with the coupons I had, I would have paid $5 and gotten the $5 gift card back. I would have to do that three times, and then $10 rebate would have been all profit. (Four $.50/1 Target coupons and two $1/2 coupons.)

Doing the CVS deal, I would have bought 10 boxes of Pop Tarts for $16.90, subtracted the $2/$10 CVS coupon and five $2/1 coupons, and ended up paying $9.90. Sure, that's almost no profit, except that I could have done it without leaving my block, and of course I would have been able to pay with ExtraBucks.

My point in writing this is not to bemoan the deal I got -- it was actually pretty good. It's more to remind myself that I don't need to go wasting time and gas running off to a distant store to do a deal, because more often than not, when something is on sale at one store, you will soon see the same product on sale at other stores.

Oh, and hey idiot? (That's me.) Obviously, check Slickdeals.net to find out if someting is going to be on sale at CVS soon before buying it anywhere else.


Mandy said...

I went through the same thing a couple of weeks ago, but with Fiber One Bars. I was pretty happy to pay $.75 a box...until another store the very next week had a deal that would have made them free. Live and learn, I guess! Thanks for the post - I really enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

So glad you wrote this - I somehow missed the Pop-tarts in the CVS ad. Added a couple transactions with those and Rice Krispie treats to my plan for this morning. I calculated in the end that I got them all for less than $.10 per snack. :-)

Bren said...

I totally learned this! I did! I think I may be a stage or two ahead of you in couponing (like the stages of grief. In couponing first there's doubt, then giddiness, then obsession, then wasted work/deal chasing, couponing slump, balance, slump again... something like that)

Anyway, I had tons of $1 off coupons for something that was bogo at a kind of nasty store across town. I was on my way when I turned around, realizing that they'll be bogo somewhere else, likely my usual store, before the coupons expire (in 2009). I was so proud.

(Currently between balance and slump. As in, I've let $10 in ecb's expire and I'm not sure I care. And not sure if not caring is balance or foolish.)