Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome, MSN Readers!

Yesterday this blog got 1,843 visitors. This is not normal.

What happened is, a post I wrote for Wise Bread was featured on As in, the very front page of And apparently a few of the 117,875 people who read it there followed the link here.

Please make yourselves at home! And, a word:

The piece on MSN was about what I have learned from shopping with a weekly grocery budget. I got many comments expressing shock and disbelief that we could spend only $80 a week. That surprised me because when I wrote the piece, I expected to get much more flack from more accomplished frugalites who thought $80 was an outrageous outlay to feed two adults and what amounts to 1.5 chickens (that is, our daughters aged 4 and 1).

So, at the request of some of the commenters over there, I'm going to start posting more complete shopping lists this coming week. Maybe even some menus, although despite so much advice to do so, I don't sit down and plan out menus in advance. I tend instead to look at what I just bought, Google a few of the ingredients, and make whatever comes up.

In the meantime, Money Saving Mom got back on track with posting her shopping spoils this week, so you can read about her much-more-frugal accomplishments while waiting for mine.