Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekly Grocery Flyers Deals: 50 Cents for a Box of Mini Wheats

Well, it looks like we're not even going to spend that $8 on groceries this week. I had been planning a stop at Dominick's today to nab 3 Progresso soups for $3 with "Super Coupon" from their flyer and an online coupon for $1.10 off 3, bringing it down to less than 70 cents a can.

But I just cannot get the girls to agree to a stop at the store, and there is almost no deal that's worth dragging a couple of tired, cranky kids to the grocery store against their wills. I am quickly realizing that with Nutmeg's new 3-1/2 hour preschool day, any shopping must be done BEFORE school starts.

So, the past is prologue, and let's see what there is on sale starting today and tomorrow:


I think I am finally going to use my $1/1 Kellogg's Mini Wheats coupons. They are on sale for $2.50 each, but with the "Buy 5, Save 5 More" promo. So if I buy 5 Mini-Wheats for $12.50 and take off the $5, it'll be $7.50. Then subtract five $1/1 coupons, and it's 5 boxes of cereal for $2.50, or 50 cents a box. Can't beat that! And after all the crappy Malt-o-Meal cereals we've been eating, I'm ready for some Mini-Wheats.

By the way, that same "Buy 5, Save $5" deal also offers Progresso soup for the same price. But that wouldn't be as good a deal as the one that ends today. You'd buy 6 cans for $15, take off $5 to pay $10, then subtract $2.20 in coupons to pay $7.80. That's $1.20 a can, still good for Progresso.


I don't see anything that would get me over there, but if you're going, these look like the best deals to me:

Powerade is 79 cents if you still have those coupons you can get it free or close to free
pound of store-brand butter $2.50
store brand bacon 50% off
Ball Park franks 50% off
Edys ice cream bogo (it's usually about $6)


Country's Delight milk $1.99 a gallon
" butter 1.79 a pound (that's a stock-up price, I think)
Scott Petersen bacon* 1.99 a pound (if you're still making BLTs)
8 oz. cheese 1.25 ($1.50 for sharp cheddar; for me anything under $2 is a stock-up price so this is great)
3 lbs Yukon Gold potatoes .99
peaches, nectarines .59 a pound
chicken leg quarters .59 a pound
Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars $2.50 (not bad if you use $1 off coupon)
DanActive drinking yogurt or Activia, 4-pack $2.50 (I have a couple $1 off DanActive and 50 cents off for both. From Sunday inserts.)
Edy's fruit bars, 12-ct 2.69
eggplant or green peppers .59 a pound
Bartlett pears .79 a pound

I think you can see which store I like, even if I can't use Internet coupons there anymore. I'm definitely going to Fair Share to stock up on cheese and probably other stuff. Also, they almost always have unadvertised clearance items too. Their produce is pretty hit or miss, though.


*Hippie* said...

I still get so jealous reading some of these blogs with these people with a plethora of great stores to go to!!!! Our stores are LOUSY here!!! No catalinas, no "buy X, get $ off," NOTHING!! I will say that walmart's every day price for a pound of butter is only $1.57 so I'll be happy about that at least... lol I really wish I could find these awesome grocery deals you have though!!!

Have fun shopping! :) I always dread going out with all my crew and no extra adult hands!