Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tribune: How to Save on Beauty (If You Spend a Lot Already)

A short piece in the Trib Temp section yesterday on saving money on beauty. You know, make your own beauty products (not necessary for CVSers), haircut at beauty school (not for those of us paying a sitter since it tends to take forever), do your own manis and pedis, bargain shop at Filene's Basement, and increase the time between your beauty appointments.

"Look pretty, save pennies."

The trouble with advice like this for folks like me is that there ain't nothing to cut back ON. Increase the interval between getting my eyebrows waxed and save hundreds per year? Even when I was working full time and had no kids, I never had that done. So I guess I've saved thousands over the years.

But then, where is it?

Still, their recipe for a home pedicure sounds nice. I forewent my annual pedicure this year because I sometimes have treated my mom to a "girlfriends" pedi as a mother's day gift. This year I gave a photo album, free-ish a la CVS, so no pedi for Mom OR me.