Friday, September 5, 2008

This Week at CVS: Neutrogena Bonanza

I didn't really grocery shop this week, since last week I spent at least two weeks' budget worth. OK, that's not quite true -- I probably spent about $40 this week when I count our spree at the cheese factory up north near my parents' cabin. I also grabbed a couple gallons of hormone-free milk on sale at Dominick's for $2, and bought that $6 worth of chicken that I ended up tossing.

But at CVS, oh did I shop. It wasn't one of those two-trips a day weeks at all, but I was very excited about what I got: six tubes of Neutrogena hand lotion. This is one of my absolute essentials -- I use this stuff practically every time I wash my hands, summer and winter. No other lotion that I have found will do.

Before CVS, I'd stock up on four or five boxes whenever they went on sale at Target. The sale price would be $3 a tube if I was lucky.

This week, I think I paid about 5ECBs for all six tubes. ALSO, and this is HUGE for me, five of the tubes came with a free bonus stick of Neutrogena lip moisturizing stick. If there is one thing I am more addicted to than hand lotion, it is chapstick. OK, I have really dry skin. I'm Norwegian -- there's a reason why they call the stuff "Norwegian Formula." And winter is coming.

I also got one tube of that WetSlick minty lipstick that was free after ECBs. Very weird stuff. The colors are not so hot, and your lips taste distinctly like toothpaste after you put it on. Not surprising since it's cobranded with Crest, but I'm guessing this is a new product that won't last. And I even like minty lip balms, but this one somehow tasted PASTEY. Not great.

Finally, I got two $10 Cover Girl lipsticks. This is after getting two of the $10 Revlon tubes last week. I love lipstick, especially when I get to go for the $10 onces instead of the $5 ones! Yay me.

Rounding out my super fun CVS week, I also got some down-to-earth essentials: 12 rolls of recycled CVS brand toilet paper, a travel pack of Schick razors (free after $2/1 coupon), a Dawn for your hands (free after $1/1 coupon) and a gallon of hormone-free milk. Both my husband and mother-in-law joked about the recycled toilet paper, so I should inform you that no, I do not believe its previous incarnation was toilet paper. Will you please grow up?

I'm not going to type out every transaction this week, but I think overall I came out a bit behind in ECBs. Let's see -- I made money on the Wet Slicks but ended up blowing it on the next transaction on Oatmeal Cream Pies and tissues (I accidentally used an ECB with a higher value than my purchase and had to grab fillers to bring the total above 0). I believe I spent 10ECBs over two transactions getting all those lotions and the TP, and got 5ECBs back. Off my gift cards, I also spent $3 or $4.

So, like I said: Neutrogena that I once would have spent $18 on and considered it a deal, this week I got for $5. Plus milk and toilet paper and et cetera for $3 or $4 in gift card spending. And hooray for free stuff to put on my lips!