Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spent Our Weekly Grocery Budget Already

OK, the new week began yesterday, and yesterday I blew the grocery budget.

Actually, we stopped by Woodmans and spent $186 on booze. I know! But the prices are really good there and we don't get time to stop in very often since it is not in our town.

A little account is called for here.

1. We have a "hospitality" budget of $100 a month. So I am spending all of September's budget toward this purchase. That includes:

$21 two six packs of beer and a large bottle of wine, which we brought to a party yesterday
$69 six bottles of the brand of whiskey preferred by certain frequent houseguests. This should last for about a year.
$10 for half the bottle of gin, since we also serve that to guests

2. I'm putting $55 of this week's $63 grocery budget (we overspent last week so only have $63 of the $80 left) towards the booze and bubbly water we bought for our own use, even though we certainly won't drink all of it this week. We got a bottle of gin (Epu's favorite), a bottle of 12-year-old scotch (this is a treat for me since we'll soon be trying for another baby and I won't be able to have any fancy scotch around the holidays like I usually do), and a 12-pack of beer that should last Epu a couple weeks.

3. I'm deferring $30 of yesterday's purchase to next week's grocery budget. That will cover any wine and beer consumed next week instead of this week.

How will we eat this week on $8? It's not as bad as it sounds. We're currently visiting relatives today, and are going out of town again on Friday midday. So we really only need meals for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We already have several unopened gallons of milk in the fridge. We have a leftover meal of chicken already cooked, which we will have for Monday's dinner. We have a pound of sausage which will combine with dried beans for Tuesday's dinner (and lunches for the rest of the week). We have bratwurst and hot dogs for Wednesday's dinner, along with homemade macaroni and cheese. Thursday, we'll have either leftovers or something out of the freezer. We also have broccoli on hand and plenty of fruit. And bacon and eggs. And, as always, cereal.

I will probably pick up a couple more vegetables, maybe a little more cheese. Maybe if I see a super deal I'll go get it, otherwise it'll be nice to not shop for a week. God knows I have plenty of other stuff to do.

So the week after this one, we'll be in town from Sunday night on. I also don't anticipate a problem with spending only $50. I have a whole duck in the freezer that I'll probably pull out then, and $50 will get enough milk, produce, cheese and maybe one more serving of meat.