Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Days CVSing Seems So NOT Worth It

I stopped into a different CVS store today. It was near the dentist office where I'd just taken Nutmeg for her first appointment. (She did great, by the way.) It's in Cicero on Cermak, near Austin, and from my observations I would not recommend it to CVSers.

I was planning to check for Clearanced freeze pops so I could make some money on them and serve them to kids at our block party. I saw some boxes right near the price check scanner, so although the shelf said $14.99, I lugged a box over. It scanned as $7.99, and from online reports it would likely pay out 5ECBs as the box promises. But I didn't want to pay $2 for all that sugar water, I wanted to use it to EARN money.

I tried to print out coupons, but the machine said it was temporarily unable to print. So we moved on to try to buy some Arnicare and an Ambi bar for a $10 moneymaking transaction.

I found the Arnicare after some searching. There was no shelf tag advertising the 8ECB-back deal and the $8.99 price. But the one good thing about stopping at this CVS was that I was able to grab a couple September monthly books. For some reason my local store never got them in. I searched for the Ambi soap, which costs $2 and pays 3ECBs, but they only had Ambi products that cost more than $3.

So then we wandered around for awhile, wondering what to buy for $2 to fill out the transaction. We are stocked up on milk. I couldn't find any Malt-o-Meal cereal, which is usually a good filler. There was very little on Clearance. The Chex Mix is back to $1.99 a bag.

Finally, I asked Nutmeg, who had been very patient through all this, if she'd like one of the pretty baskets that were on clearance for when she plays Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." Or maybe one of these cool Halloween headbands that she had admired?

Unfortunately, being forced with the choice caused 4-year-old Nutmeg to burst into tears. She finally decided on the headband and we went to check out.

But the checker did not believe me when I told her the Arnicare was supposed to be priced at $8.99 instead of $9.50. She looked it up in the monthly book, and that's when I saw that unfortunately the book doesn't SAY the $8.99 price. Only the shelf tags, which they didn't have, say that price.

So now she was going to ring up a $12.50 transaction, and I was not going to make money. Then she grabbed my keys off the counter, scanned my husband's card instead of mine, and while she was going off to get a manager's card to void the thing and start over (I needed to use my card because I don't have ECBs to pay with on my husband's account), Nutmeg unexpectedly started freaking out again.

For once, I was glad for a tantrum, because it gave me an excuse to abandon the whole transaction and get out of there.

So, the reason I don't recommend this location is not that the cashier was especially rude to me. It was more that every employee I encountered in the store gave me a sullen look. The store was kind of disorganized, but I think that's just because they were bringing out all the autumn merchandise. It *does* have a huge grocery section, so if you are looking to burn some ECBs on food this would actually be a good place to shop. But I won't be stopping back there anytime soon.


Becky said...

Ugh! I just this minute blogged about my disappointing CVS Sunday. You build up the perfect trip in your mind, and then when it totally stinks, you feel like you wasted your time. I hate that.

I my store(s), there were no Ambi bars, just higher priced stuff. There was Malt-o-Meal for $1 (the small boxes). I just couldn't get it up for anything else.