Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping Saturday: Groceries for 9/21 - 9/27

I only had $60 in my budget this week (still paying off the great liquor binge of '08), but as I have been doing I spent some of next week's too, and I'm pretty sure that will work out just fine.
I spent $94 at Whole Foods, Dominick's and Fair Share Foods. I thought it would be interesting this week to separate what I bought for immediate consumption from what I bought to stock the pantry. One reason is that this can help me figure out the amount I truly need to spend for the family to eat for a week, assuming the pantry is well stocked.

Here are things I bought to eat this week or next:

1 lb + wild salmon $ 10.31 (Dominicks)
2.7 lbs chicken breasts 5.37 (Fair Share)
pork cutlets 2.13 (FS)
7.5 oz hummus 2.50 (Whole Foods) (this was extremely delicious)
16 oz Polish sausage .99 (FS)
8 oz. mild cheddar x 2 2.50 (FS)
14.25 oz. onion bagels 1.19 (FS)
2 gallons milk 5.98 (FS)
8 oz. cream cheese x 2 1.98 (FS)
green peppers 1.98 (FS) (these were great)
2.5 lb bananas 1.24 (FS)
2.1 lb peaches 1.84 (FS) (these were gross, at least the one I tried today)
3.12 lb eggplant 1.03 (FS)
4 lbs oranges 2.50 (FS)
4 clearance grapefruit 1.29 (FS) (threw out one, used the other 3 for juicing)
cage-free eggs 2.49 (FS)
24 oz. organic coffee 9.99 (WF)
1 box Mini Wheats .50 (D)
1 box crackers 1.29 (D)
18 oz organic peanut butter 2.50 (D)
13 oz Nutella (treat!) 1.99 (FS)
1 lb bacon 1.99 (FS)
salad dressing .99

That's a total of about $62 spent for immediate consumption, although obviously some of this (notably the coffee) will last more than one week.

These are the things I stocked up on:

4 boxes Mini Wheats 2.00 (D)
18 oz organic PB 2.50* (D)
6 boxes crackers 7.74 (D)
8 oz cheese x 2 2.50 (FS)
1 lb butter x 2 3.58 (FS)
12 oz evaporated milk x 2 2.00 (FS)
28 oz tomatoes x 2 1.38 (FS)
5 lb whole wheat flour 2.50 (D)
5 lb organic whole wheat flour 3.69 (WF)

That's $27.89 spent on stocking up the pantry.

I was also able to substantially stock up using CVS this week. For the current week, I bought one gallon of hormone-free milk with ExtraBucks. But for the future, wow! I got 15 SoyJoy bars, a box of Kashi cereal (I like crunchy granola cereals and was getting sick of all these kids' ones) and a box of Kashi granola bars.

All those things were either completely free after coupons (the SoyJoy) or bought with ExtraBucks, so no ding to the weekly budget there.