Friday, September 12, 2008

Shopping Saturday (Early): Groceries for 9/6 - 9/13

This week I spent $95 -- $15 over my budget, but since I waited until Thursday to make my last trip, I know that most of what I bought then will be consumed next week and I'm only too happy to take that last $15 out of next week's budget.

I didn't get any beer or wine this week, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't get time to go to a store that sells it. In Oak Park there are only a few places that do.

Comments: My splurge of the week was the $6 grass-fed beef. The best deals I got were the bogo ice cream novelties and the about-to-expire bacon, some of which went for BLTs that day and the rest of which went right into the freezer. Check out some of the NON sale prices at Fair Share foods and you'll see why I love shopping there, even though they DID stop taking Internet coupons.

Farmer's Market: $28
Bought: 1 pound hormone-free, grass-fed ground beef $6
1 pound mushrooms 5
4 tomatoes
1 pound broccoli
1 pound organic onions
2 organic eggplants
2 organic green peppers

Jewel: $21.89
Bought: multigrain tortillas $2.50 (on sale)
2 pounds split peas 1.58 (on sale)
2 10-packs Breyers all-fruit popsicles 4.35 (bogo)
2 5-packs M&M ice cream bars 4.99 (bogo, - $1/1 coupon)
48 oz College Inn beef broth 1.84 clearance
5 organic Del Monte tomatoes 28 oz. 6.95 (1.39 each)

Fair Share Foods (CertiSaver): $46

12 oz evaporated milk 1.59
1 dozen cage-free eggs 2.49
32 oz Dannon plain yogurt 2.50 (on sale)
64 oz Dole pineapple orange juice 2.50 (on sale)
1 lb butter 2.50 (on sale)
12 oz cream cheese 1.79
whole wheat bread 1.59 (on sale)
3 lbs bacon (expires in 1 day) 3.57 (clearance)
2 gallons hormone-free milk 3.98
chicken quarters 3.48 (5.9 pounds at 59 cents a pound)
1 lb homemade Italian sausage 1.95 (on sale)
3 bratwurst 1.53 (on sale)
2.5 pounds nectarines @ .69/pound 1.72
1 cucumber .50
small head romaine lettuce .38
5 pounds grapefruit 3.99
broccoli 1.12
8 lbs potatoes 1.99
3.37 lbs bananas # .39/lb 1.31

Coming soon: My CVS shopping for the week and the meals I cooked with the above groceries.