Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reviews of Products I've Tried Because They Were Free

Ever bring home some weird or even slightly different product from CVS because it was a moneymaker or freebie, then end up getting hooked on it? Occasionally, it happens, and I think, "Ah, marketer, your free giveaway was money well spent!" More often, though, I end up realizing that people pay good money for some real junk. Here are reviews of some of the stuff I've brought home from CVS in the past months. I'd love to hear some of your product reviews as well:

1. 24/7 Lip Plumper.
Huh? I coudln't believe this product existed. Then I mentioned it to my (10 years younger) sister in law and she started rattling off her favorite brands of lip plumper. It's a lip balm that irritates your lip skin to encourage it to swell up, giving you the appearance of fuller lips. I have thin lips, so I thought, "Great!"

The result: A weird, stinging, then numb feeling. No noticeable change in lip plumpness.

The verdict: I should really toss this stuff instead of letting it clutter up my lipstick bin. Would definitely never spend real money on it.

2. AmazeMint lip gloss.
This stuff says Crest on the side, and sure enough, it tasted and smelled just as though I had rubbed real Crest on my lips. Gross. And the appearance was not great either -- very little color, only a hint of glossiness.

The verdict: Would never buy it, don't expect it to stay on market for long.

3. Revlon and Cover Girl lipsticks with multiple steps.
I can't really remember which brand is which, but they are basically the same: One end of the lipstick is a lip balm, the other is a liquid lipstick that you apply with a wand.

The result: I liked that most of these lipsticks stay on a really long time once they dried. The lip balms seemed high quality. But I really saw no need to use the two products together as they were intended. Also, if you lose the cap to the lip balm end, suddenly the whole thing is too messy to carry around in your purse.

The verdict: Would buy this long-lasting lipstick again, but wouldn't pay more for the lip balm end.

4. Cover Girl Mineral Powder makeup

I like it. Goes on very light and covers blotches so completely. Like the titanium dioxide for sun block. Not greasy like regular makeup or sunblock so was good for summer.

The verdict: I would buy it.

5. Chex Mix

For some reason I used to think I didn't like Chex Mix. I gave away the first few bags I got for free. Then I tried it. Now the kids and I are both addicts. When we'd pick up a free bag in the store this week, Pebbles would try to make me open it before we'd even checked out.

The verdict: I will be shelling out money for Chex Mix for life. Unless CVS continues to provide it for free on a regular basis.

6. CVS photo processing

The kind you order online: ugh! awful! Terrible color, uncentered or badly trimmed prints. The kind in the store: So-so. At least it's fast and free, assuming the machine is not broken.

The verdict: I will never order it online again even for free, but would pay money for the in-store prints if I was in a hurry.

7. CVS brand diapers

Fine. No problems at all at our house, but our current baby is not a big messer. Seem comparable to name-brand diapers.

8. Playskool diapers

Not as good as name-brand.

9. Playskool wipes

Awesome! Love them and the packages, and especially the mini packs for the diaper bag.

10. CVS regular toilet paper

So so, no big complaints.

11. CVS recycled toilet paper

I was excited to see CVS introducing some green brands, but this one is a clinker. Terrible quality, you end up using twice as much to do the job. Won't buy it again.


moon2301 said...

Love your blog! I'm in Berwyn.

I'm a big fan of Cover Girl lipslicks, which are sort of a glossy balm. I get em when I have $1 coupons and jewel has 40% off CG. Super cheapo.

Also only buy Max Factor 2000 calorie aqua lash mascara. Doesn't smear or get stiff and crispy. There's almost always a BOGO MF coupon to combine with Jewel's 40%.

Last week went to the Origins counter at Macy's and the store in Oak Brook to get the free 4-piece sample collections. Love all the samples; won't be buying any time soon.