Sunday, September 7, 2008

Recent Frugal Print Articles

Lately frugal living is hot hot hot, and just about every publication I pick up has an article on the topic. Here's what I noticed this week:

Woman's Day, Oct. 7 issue: "Yes, You Can Save!" Suggestions on savings, and a promise that this will be an every-issue series with regular assignments to help readers meet their goals. Interesting premise. Also promises online tools at The suggestion I'll be trying: Cut 20 miles of driving and save $5. Probably more in my high-gas-price area. They suggest cutting 20 miles per week, but I'm guessing I only drive 20 miles or less total a week (not counting weekend trips to see family), so it's gonna take me longer to save that fin.

Chicago Parent, Sept. issue: Article about The Grocery Game, which I have been trying out (more on that soon). Also, a piece on using the freezer, which I appreciated because I hate it when I take the trouble to feed my freezer and the stuff comes out icky. They posted a recipe for freezable chicken enchiladas which I am going to try.