Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Consignment Sale Haul

As always, I had a blast volunteering at a local organization's consignment sale this weekend. And I brought home a major haul. This is a shot of everything I bought, including clothes for my two kids and a few things for the children of friends.

I know! You're thinking, who spends this much on kids for her clothes? OK, sit down while I tell you what I paid for this full season's wardrobe for both of my kids, including some outerwear and all shoes (plus a large bag of things for some friends' kids): $64. Wha??

Well, first I went to the pre-sale, which is just for volunteers. There I bought 20 items (they allow 10 per child) for $48. Oh, and that also included enough sippy cups to replace all the ones we had that were missing valves or tops, and a new handheld breast pump since I can't find most of the pieces to mine. Then, while volunteering the manager kindly allowed me to buy a couple items I'd found while putting out clothes (including Nutmeg's coveted ruby slippers for Halloween), and I spent another $6. Then, at the very end, I bought two empty garbage bags for $5 each and stuffed them with most of the clothes you saw above.

Here are the things I bought for Pebbles, the toddler.

I know, check out out all those shoes! Unfortunately, I was confused about what size she wears. Apparently the size 8s she's been running around in run really small, because almost all those shoes there are size 8 and they are all way too big. There are even a couple 7-1/2s which are also too large. So I brought home all these shows and she can't wear a single pair of them right now. Fortunately, I have one pair I bought her LAST YEAR at this sale which now fits perfectly.

Here are Nutmeg's clothes. I got almost everything she needed, but not all: There was only one jumper and one dress in her size. I got so many nice turtlenecks, I'd like to have a few jumpers to go over them. Also, I was not able to find her a Christmas dress this year.

It looked like Nutmeg might grow out of her winter parka sometime during the year, so I picked up several new winter coats, thinking I'd let her choose. Of course, she said she liked ALL of them and wants to keep them all. Well, I'm going to "disappear" two of them.

Pebbles was kind enough to model a few of the get-ups for me:

Here is one of my favorite pieces for Nutmeg. If you can read the tag, you'll see that the seller priced it at $6 -- way too much for this sale. That's why I was able to snatch it up at the bag sale at the end.

The bag sale is so much fun -- all these women running around the sale floor, grabbing things and stuffing their bags. I even took a few things that I don't know any child for -- a new with tags, very nice infant's snowsuit. My plan is to take that and another coat that still has tags, the two coats rejected by Nutmeg and a couple other items to our local consignment shop and see if I can make a little cash to cover some of my outlay. Wouldn't that be something? Although I could also just pack away the NWT clothes for future gifts.

Everything that this sale is very high quality -- I got Nike and Stride Rite shoes, Gymboree outfits, The Children's Place, a Ralph Lauren dress. Love it, love it, love it!

I was not able to count the items before I crashed on Saturday night, and once the kids were up Sunday morning, my stockpile was disturbed and the scattering began. But I'm guessing, remembering from last year, that each garbage bag holds at least 50 items. Then there were the 23 things I bought before the bag sale. So if I bought 123 items, and paid $64, that's ... 52 cents an item. 52 cents for a Ralph Lauren dress. 52 cents for itty bitty Nikes. 52 cents for a winter coat.

To readers in the Chicago area: This organization, Parenthesis, will hold their next sale in the spring, and yes, I will be reminding you of it. Personally, I feel like it is worth traveling to the Western Suburbs for.


*Hippie* said...

Awesome deals!!! I missed our local consignment sale this fall and I was so bummed!!! Your littlest is adorable!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

Cuuute! I see some Gymbo in there (I have a sickness but I'm in recovery). Nice work!

And the snowsuit--I bought a used toddler snowsuit on ebay for ten bucks. And I'll probably sell it again for that much. A NWT one should do really well, if you decide to go that route.

Carrie said...

Hmm, I really should do EBay. I think I just want to consign to give me an excuse to go down to the consignment shop. And I don't love taking my kids to the Post Office to mail out packages.

Yep, mucho Gymboree, a LOT of The Children's Place. A smattering of Baby Gap. I tried really hard to snap a pic of Nutmeg trying on her Ralph Lauren Easter dress, which I grabbed in the BAG SALE. But she ran from the camera for some reason.

Becky said...

No reason to go to the post office! If you do the online postage thing, either through paypal where you can print the shipping label or through the, you can schedule a carrier pickup as late as 2am the day you want to mail the package.

Your regular mail carrier gets a note that she needs to get a package from you, and the request you submitted includes a field for you to say where it will be. My lady just zips up my driveway in her little mail car and scoops up the stuff. Going to the p.o. with kids is nonpossible, but this is awesome.

I give my mail lady little gifts all year because I freaking love this system!

Jennifer said...

Wow...that is awesome!!

Miss Mommy said...

Great Buys!! I wish they had consignment sales like that around us!!

Amanda said...

Two of my friends run a huge semi-annual consignment sale here in AZ much like the one you described. It's next weekend and I'm so excited! I can't wait! :)

Good for you on all your finds. Your little girl is too cute for words! :)