Thursday, September 25, 2008

On WiseBread: Why a Digital Converter Box May Help You Quit Cable

I have a new post up on WiseBread: "Now It's Easier Than Ever to Cut the Cable."

By coincidence, my parents just brought us one of the digital converter boxes they bought with their coupons, since we stupidly let our coupons expire. We went from about 5 channels to 20, and the picture looks just as if we had cable. We only have rabbit ears, so the picture used to be pretty hit or miss.


Mandy said...

This is so true - my husband really wanted to get basic cable, but we have no room to spare in our budget. Since we got our converter box, he hasn't mentioned it again!

Abby said...

Thanks for reminding me about the converter box. We, too, watch only whatever comes through via our antennae. It was easy to sign up for the box - how much do they cost w/o the coupon?

Carrie said...

Abby -- I read that they can be had for about $20 after the $40 coupon -- i.e., a total of $60.