Thursday, September 25, 2008

New $3/$15 CVS Coupon

There's a new PDF coupon out, but this one is only good for the next 10 days, through 10/5. It's from the online version of Newsday, but is not limited to that geographical area. I printed a page of them from (LINK REMOVED AT "REQUEST" OF CVS ENFORCEMENT), thereby saving paper and the trouble of logging onto Newsday. That link is from

There is some controversy over whether it's OK to use this coupon. I've leave that decision to you. But I will include it in scenarios in case you're using it, and I would imagine that many people will have no qualms about it.

UPDATE: I received a letter from the real live CVS Enforcement telling me to remove the link to I Heart CVS's page of coupons. They claim the site I linked to is violating their copyright. I would take this as a strong indication that CVS does not want people posting whole pages full of these coupons, and, by extension, doens't want people printing whole pages of those coupons.

The coupons work fine at the registers, and are indistinguishable from coupons printed the way CVS wants you to. However, if you would rather keep it on the straight and narrow, then don't use I Heart CVS's link. You can follow their instructions to get the coupon from Newsday yourself. I just tested it, and it is still available for printing from the Newsday E-Edition.