Saturday, September 6, 2008

My CVS Plan: Turn 1.49ECB into 9ECB, Then Blow 5.99 on Clearance Summer Goods

I am all a-quiver about next week at CVS, mainly because of something that pays no ECBs. My local store is putting their summer goods on 90% off starting Sunday.

This is a big moment for me because it was the end-of-summer sale last year that first made me realize that one could get good deals at CVS. I remember so well laughing when a plastic kid's inner tube rang up at 17 cents. And I was paying out of pocket! How far I have come, eh?

So I am hoping to rack up as many Extra Bucks as I can first thing Sunday morning, or even Saturday night if they start some deals early, so I can load up a cart with left-over summer stuff and pay with ECBs. The girls and I cased the display today, and chose what items we'd like to get if they are still left. Nutmeg wanted a diving game with little fish. I wanted a huge, huge box of straws. The fish came was $3.50 I think so it would be 35 cents Sunday; the straws would be 50 cents. It would also be nice to get some flip flops, crocs, or whatever summer shoes they have. They had sand toy sets which are always good. Sadly I did not see swim diapers on the clearance display, but I will of course keep an eye out.

So here is my plan for racking some up. I have a 1.49ECB, which I can turn into a 9ECB like this:

Buy 2 Revlon nail polishes $8 (get 3ECB each)
Aussie hair product 2.50 (get 1ECB)
- 2/$10 CVS q
2/1 Revlon color cosmetic q (Smart Source 8/24)
1/1 Revlon Color cosmetic q (SS 8/3)
2/1 Revlon CRT!
2/1 Aussie q (Red Plum 9/7)
$1.50 + tax, pay 1.49ECB
get 6ECB and 1ECB!!

(Update: I could not do this deal as planned because a) I only got a $2/2 coupon from Red Plum, not $2/1 as expected and b) The Revlon coupons beeped and the cashiers said they could not be used for nail polish because it is not a "cosmetic." Huh. I'd like to try another CVS before the 1-day sale ends if I get time today.)

1 Skin Genesis or Revitalift moisurizer $5.99 (5.99ECB)
1 Revlon nail polish 3.99 (3ECB)
- 2/$10 CVS q
1/1 Revitalift q from 6/22
1/1 Revlon q from 8/3
$6 + tax, pay 6ECB
receive 5.99ECB and 3ECB

I will then save my 3ECB and go wild spending the 5.99ECB. I figure that that 5.99ECB will buy me all the summer stuff I want, plus two bags of Chex Mix, if I use the $2/$10CVS qand two $1/1 qs found here (hit Back and print twice). After all, $8 worth of summer stuff at 90% off is actually EIGHTY DOLLARS worth of summer stuff at full price. That ought to do me, don't you think? If I can't even spend $8 on summer stuff, I can always go to plan B and buy two containers of Edy's ice cream (bogo) for about $6.

Here are the deals used above, just listed out. Thanks to for the coupon matches.

Sunday/Monday only:

Revlon nail polish, buy @ $3.99, get 3ECB (limit 3)

Buy two, use one $2/1 coupon and one $1/1 coupon.

Pay $5 for two after coupons, get 6ECB back

Plus use the $2/$10 to get $2 worth of whatever for free along with the two nail polishes.

Aussie or Herbal Essences $2.49 get 1ECB after Monday $2.99 Limit 2

Buy 2, use two $2/1 coupons from RP 9/7/08

Pay $1 for two after coupons, get 2ECB back

All week:

L'Oreal Age Perfect, Revitalift or Skin Genesis $5.99 get 5.99ECB Limit 1

Buy 1 Skin Genesis or Reviatlift moisturizer. Use $1/1 coupon from 6/22 (there was apparently a $3/1 coupon in 7/20 but I don't have it), or $1/1 coupon from 8/3

Pay $4.99, get 5.99ECB back

Non-ECB deals:

Chex Mix $1, use $1 off coupon here, get it free
Edy's Ice Cream bogo


Heidi @ GGIP said...

So funny,I love straws too!

Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama said...

Haha! You crack me up! I got one of those tubes this week and it was 45 cents........LOL I paid too much! Well, actually didn't pay anything because I combined it with stuff and used ECBs, but still!

Becky said...

This are awesome scenarios--I just plugged your plan of attack on my blog.

I checked out the summer 75% off clearance with my toddler tonight. He was hell-bent on getting that little schoolbus that plays "Vacation" REALLY loudly. It cost barely anything and I still wouldn't buy it. I hated killing his little joy like that. But we cannot have that in the house. Lots of other stuff still left though.

MommaHarms said...

Ok, I am looking for some advice. I have been combing my coupon books and cannot find any Revlon coupons, though I am pretty sure I ahve all of them. I know I have the 8/24 ss and there is NO revlon coupon there. What am I missing? Are coupon books different for different newspapers? Please help a complete coupon newbie! Thanks! Foudn your blog through the CenstsibleSawyer