Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Beautiful CVS -- 9/21 - 9/27

The picture says it all this week. OK, well maybe the picture and this caption: I got all this for the cost of tax, and ended up with 21 MORE ExtraBucks than I started with. Incredible, no?

I'm not going to list out every single receipt this week. Too much stuff.

I spent about 68 ExtraBucks and $2 cash, plus tax, after coupons. This totals include the use of a $2/$10 or $3/$15 on every transaction:

2x Huggies diapers (60 ct) -- 20ECBs after coupons

2x 12 rolls TP -- 5ECBs after coupons (and cash)

2x Cottonelle wipes -- 3ECBs after coupons

4 boxes Kleenex -- 3.50ECBs after coupons

Ambi cocoa butter bar -- free after coupons

15 SoyJoy bars -- free after coupons

2 Kashi products -- 1ECB after coupons

4 travel pack razors -- free after coupons

6 boxes Flavor Ice -- 18.60ECBs after coupons

L'Oreal wrinkle thing -- 6.99ECBs after coupons

Ambi cocoa butter bar -- free after coupons

2x Ambi fade cream -- free after coupons

2 x Adidas deo -- 4ECBs after coupons

2 x Nivea bodywash -- 5ECBs after coupons

I earned 89 ExtraBucks:

10ECBS - Huggies/paper
10ECBs - Huggies/paper
4ECBs - Adidas
4ECBs - Adidas
5ECBs - Nivea
5ECBs - Nivea
3ECB - Ambi
3ECBs - Ambi
3ECBs - Ambi
11.99ECBs - L'Oreal
10ECBs - Flavor Ice
10ECBs - Flavor Ice
5ECBs - Flavor Ice
5ECBs - Flavor Ice

I actually wanted to buy more this week: Halloween candy, fruit cups, as many Flavor Ice boxes as I could get my hands on, MORE SoyJoy bars. But now that Nutmeg is in school 3.5 hours every afternoon and the baby's napping the whole time, it's hard to drag them into a store every day. Also I was very busy today volunteering at the consignment sale and then at our block party.

But oh, how I love FREE DIAPERS!!! And free toilet paper ain't too shabby neither.

The above picture took me all morning to set up, due to the constant calls from my pesky progeny for sustenance and whatnot. This is my favorite shot, but I realized after I took it that I had forgotten to bring out the L'Oreal, Nivea and deodorant. I got so much stuff this week I just can't keep track of it!

p.s.: Like the hair half-in-ponytail, half not? Every morning I put em in, by naptime like as not they are both gone.


jskell911 said...

That is just incredible! I have checked EVERY CVS near me and no Flavor Ice! Darn, because DS loves them too.

Jennifer said...

You did great! I haven't seen the ECB deal on the flavor ice and I thought the adidas deal was a limit of 1? I was wishing I could have done more of that one. Way to go!

Jane said...

We got 5 boxes of Flavor-Ice here, too. The kids are thrilled. Along with diapers, Nivea, Adidas, soy joy (gross to me, but my toddler likes them), and lots of chocolate for Halloween - it was a good week!

Carrie said...

jskell911 -- too bad they are so heavy or i would just mail you a box.

jennifer -- i have basically become a personal CVS shopper for several extended family members. i use my mother's account and my husband's as well as my own, and i get stuff for my parents and grandparents. technically, i've heard you are only supposed to have one card per household but i have always been upfront in communications with customer care that we each have our own and they don't seem to mind at all.

jane -- i really wanted to get candy this week and just ran out of time. i'll get some nestle this week.

jskell911 said...

Carrie, that is so sweet of you! I appreciate the sentiment anyway ;)