Monday, September 22, 2008

More Flavor-Ice at $3.75 and a Newbie Deal

It is beginning to look like those big Flavor-Ice boxes have been marked down to $3.75 everywhere. Just last week I price checked them in one of my local stores and it was ringing up at $7.50, but today I checked again (Nutmeg made a big show of "helping" me lug the big box since there were no carts available) they were $3.75.

Because of this, I'm writing up a couple more transaction scenarios for this week. First of all, I got the $11.99 for the RevitaLift this morning. Then I used that 11.99ECBs thusly:

3 boxes Flavor Ice $11.25
1 gallon milk 3.00
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
12.25, paid 11.99ECB plus change
received 15ECBs!! (Some people have reported not getting the ECBs for these, but at two different stores I have received them. Note that there is a limit of 5 per CVS card.)

I'm thinking that if possible I will save those 15ECBs for after the $2/$10 coupon expires, for when I have to spend more. Because with the $2/$10, spending 15ECBs at one time is kind of silly.

My husband has no ECBs left on his account. So here is a plan to use the Flavor Ice to help get him back in the game:

1 Flavor Ice 3.75
2 boxes Kashi bars 5.00
1 Malt-o-Meal 1.00
filler .25 (some clearanced bars like Special K bars might help here)
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
4.00 Kashi mqs (2 $2/1, printable)
1.00 Malt-o-Meal mq from
3.00 o.o.p. (or from gc)
receive 5ECB

Should I do it? The hubs would say it's GOOD that I cashed out one card so I don't have so much CVS "work" to do all the time and don't get confused using three cards. And I hate spending $3 o.o.p. But still, this is "buying" money with the benefit of free Kashi bars.

No, wait! Now that I have successfully printed $3/5 SoyJoy coupons (I changed the zip code when signing up -- I don't know if that is what did it, but after many tries I was able to print two after signing up twice), I have a deal that can get a newbie in the game with 0 out of pocket (except tax):

10 Soy Joy 5.00
1 Nivea for Men 4.99
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
6.00 SoyJoy mqs (two $3/5 printables)
2.00 Nivea $2/1 any body product mq
0! pay tax only, receive 4.99ECB

Surely I can find time for turning nothing into 5 smackers! I've got to load up on SoyJoys at some point this week anyway because of my baby's perverse love for them.

Busy, busy! Today alone, I want to go back and do a transaction with a box of Flavor Ice (if the store by my house still has it) to turn the 6ECBs on my own account into 9ECBs so I can do the L'Oreal deal before the end of the day (I only had one $3 coupon, so I have to use $1/1 to do it again for a smaller profit).

Oh, and here's my idea for the abovementioned transaction:

Flavor Ice 3.75
Adidas deo 4.99
1 Malt-o-Meal 1.00
filler .25
- 2.00 $2/$10 CVS q
1.00 Adidas mq
1.00 Malt-o-Meal mq
6.00, pay 6ECB
receive 5ECBs + 4ECBs to use on L'Oreal


Becky said...

Your deals look awesome.

I am a tad bummed, because I waited until Monday afternoon to try to get the Revitalift, and both stores near me were out of it. I didn't even see where it HAD been, actually. I had the coupon and everything. Early bird and all. That will teach me!

Carrie said...

They had several at the first CVS I went to this afternoon, where I bought one. But this evening after the kids were in bed, I ran over to the one near my house and they were sold out. That hasn't happened to me in awhile!